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Network Design

Phoenix Corporate Services, Inc. can design and implement the customer's complete distributed communications network.  This involves all aspects of the customer’s wide area or local area networks including determining the technology to be used to provide an optimum method of communication.  This process involves laying out the equipment requirements and topology, as well as working with the various communications service providers to assure that the customer receives the most cost effective, reliable service possible.


Communications Consultation

Phoenix Corporate Services, Inc. offers a full array of both voice and data consulting services.  These services include analysis of a customer’s specific voice and data requirements which can result in recommendations for adding or deleting existing systems or services or integrating voice and data to improve performance and reduce costs.  In addition, Phoenix Corporate Services, Inc. can also review voice and data proposals and work with vendors to develop solutions that meet the customer’s specific needs.  This can include reviewing telephone system proposals as well as data communications proposals.  Phoenix Corporate Services, Inc. also reviews and analyses vendor invoices for discrepancies and overcharges.


Project Management

Phoenix Corporate Services, Inc. offers total project management services.  These services include overseeing and directing all aspects of any project from the initial inception through full implementation and deployment.  These services are not limited to information technology systems only, but can be expanded to include numerous related areas.  Coordinating the efforts of various vendors, subcontractors, and the customer’s own personnel are all part of this project management service.


E-Business Support Services

Phoenix Corporate Services, Inc. is fully aware of existing business-to-business technologies that relate to e-business support, such as business-to-business data exchange, electronic mail (email), and the Internet.  Expertise can be provided to meet the customer’s needs in all of these areas.  By using business-to-business electronic data interchange, the customer can be assisted with improving internal efficiency and reduction of paper flow, while improving direct communication with the customer’s own clients.  In addition, the customer can be provided assistance in taking advantage of the information super highway through email capabilities and Internet access.  Development and placement of a presence on the Internet can be done to increase the customer’s visibility in the global world market.  In addition, assistance can be provided to assist with web enabling the customer’s existing legacy systems to allow for access across the Internet.  This Internet capability will provide the customer and their clients with access to the services that exist through this media.



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