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Systems Integration

Phoenix Corporate Services, Inc. provides expertise integrating new technologies into legacy systems, client server systems or into new systems being developedPhoenix Corporate Services, Inc. has successfully integrated digital imaging into legacy systems requiring Internet access and has provided business-to-business solutions using established electronic data interchange standards.



Phoenix Corporate Services, Inc. offers a full array of consulting business services in the areas of system workflow analysis, documentation and procedures, and systems and applications review and enhancements.  Also, communications issues, needs assessment and training can be addressed.  These services can be tailored to meet a customer’s specific needs or the customer can choose from a variety of pre-defined service offerings.


Systems Design

Phoenix Corporate Services, Inc. offers systems design services that addresses procedural, as well as information technology issuesPhoenix Corporate Services, Inc. works directly with the customer's staff to understand the business requirements needed to develop a systems design that will provide an appropriate solution.


Applications Development

Phoenix Corporate Services, Inc. offers applications development on any number of platforms. This development work can be done from the customer’s systems design specifications or from those developed by Phoenix Corporate Services, Inc., who has a comprehensive .  Development can be done independently knowledge of database design and a variety of programming languages or as an augmentation of the customer’s staff to satisfy the applications development requirements of any organization.  Phoenix Corporate Services, Inc. has experience with Access, SQL, Visual Basic, COBOL and any number of other applications development tools.


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