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TransFinancial Holdings' management determined for efficiency it would be advantageous to have the Crouse Cartage Company's general office operation as well as the other corporate subsidiaries accounting functions consolidated under one subsidiary.  With that in mind, TransFinancial Holdings, created Custom Client Services, Inc.  This new wholly owned subsidiary was initially created to perform collections for the corporation, but was expanded to include performing the general office functions, as well.  This consolidation of services required relocating the Crouse Cartage Company's general office to the Custom Client Services, Inc.'s facility.  Phoenix Corporate Services, Inc. developed and implemented a logistical plan for moving the operation from central Iowa to the facility in North Carolina.  For this new operation to be successful Phoenix Corporate Services, Inc. had to take care of:

This process began on a Friday afternoon with the cessation of the operation in Iowa, the packing of the equipment for transport and the transporting of the equipment to North Carolina.  The trucks arrived in North Carolina on Sunday morning and were unloaded at that time.  All equipment was reinstalled, tested and proven to be operational.  Any minor problems were corrected and the general office function was reinitiated on Monday morning at 8:00am, without a hitch.  


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