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Disaster Backup & Recovery Environment

Phoenix Corporate Services Inc. (PCSI) provides the best alternative for the majority of organizations by offering adequate disaster backup services at an affordable price.  PCSI is pleased to introduce its disaster backup and recovery service, DBRE®, which offers the information technology community a disaster backup and recovery service that is a cost effective alternative to providing this same type of backup service internally.  PCSI offers several clear options to the more costly alternative of an organization maintaining its on corporate disaster backup site. 

Pre-Disaster Recovery PlanningPCSI has extensive experience in operating a Fortune 500 corporate data center, along with its associated disaster recovery plan.  With this experience we can assist your organization with the preparation of a plan customized to meet your operational and financial requirements.

Cost Structure:  Since PCSI offers a number of options for disaster recovery, a solution can be customized to provide a cost effective solution for any organization.

Location:  Situated in the foothills of North Carolina in a non-metropolitan area, security is high and provided 24x7.  With Charlotte’s Douglas Airport only an hour away, a major hub in the Southeast, availability and flexibility of flights to the area is high. 

Facility:  The facility housing various servers, workstations, peripherals and communications equipment was constructed in 1996 as a data center and has extended office space available for DR customers.  It also has a large uninterruptible power supply and a powerful diesel generator for fault tolerant operations.

Capability:  PCSI has on staff personnel with over 75 years of experience in information technology, both from a hardware and software standpoint and can assist with issues that may arise for disaster recovery.  The Phoenix staff is available to meet the total needs of the DR clients.

Communications:  PCSI has broadband Internet access along with dedicated lines to provide connection for end users for the company that utilizes its service.  Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections can be established as well to provide cost effective access to the PCSI data center without the requirement of having a dedicated redundant communications network.

Post Disaster Services:  Because of PCSI’s experience with information technology, post disaster recovery services are also available to assist the company with bringing their information technology operation back into full operation.



The DBRE® service fees are based on the type of disaster recovery required by the individual customer as outlined above.  Since there are numerous options that a client can request and equipment needs can vary, Phoenix Corporate Services, Inc. will provide a client a customized quote based on the individual client’s requirements.  PC workstations, servers, special equipment and communications needs will be considered in developing this quote.

The services fees include the following components:




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